Friday, 31 December 2010


After spending some quality time with one of our keenest followers and blog spot creator I am writing my first ever blog for Mr Willows. Many thanks must go to Emma for said creation and her inspiration and motivation!! Well done Em!!

So down on the farm! We have two remaining pigs from our second litter that are nearly finished. We will therefore have Gloucester Old Spot sauages and cuts of pork available from the 11th January 2011.

New arrivals are on their way!  Monica and Mrytle our Gloucester sows are beginning to look heavy in pig and are due to farrow shortly. This is always a very exciting time for all involved in Mr Willows as it marks new beginnings and hopefully the addition of new customers later on in the year!

We will be using this blog to provide farm updates and information in terms of husbandry and management of the Mr Williows herd, pricing and availability of our finished products.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

We've been blogged about!!

Never Eat Wobbly Jelly has blogged about our sausages as well as using them in a fab recipe for sausage rolls!
Go take a look and let us know if you make any :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Whole Hog!


A new book by Christopher Trotter & Carol Wilson is a wonderful celebration of the pig and how to cook it's parts - a unique mix of the cuinary and the historical. 
You can purchase at any good book shop RRP £25

Ever taken pigs for a walk?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

St John's

Thought we'd pop a post about new style of resturant hitting London - St John's. We at Mr Willows are yet to try it but a friend of ours has been a couple of times - see her blog " Never Eat Wobbly Jelly".

St John Bread and Wine is located on Commercial Street opposite Spitalfields market, in what used to be a bank. As sister restaurant to St John in Clerkenwell, you can expect good things. The menu features equally meaty dishes as its associate, such as roast pigeon with a cress and pickled walnut salad, or tender braised rabbit. The bread here is also particularly good, as it's baked on the premises to ensure exceptional freshness and quality. They are renowned for their 'traditional' recipes and old skool favorites like Pigs trotters and Ox's heart etc.. there will always be one dish on the menu that'll raise an eyebrow!

The other unique thing about this resturant is that they change the menu according to the time. so at a certain time they'll start certain dishes, and they'll only be so many, so if they run out they run out & you have to choose something else. It's all about the food & quality, you'll also find that your waiter / waitress will be also one of the chefs... and they'll know exactly what's on the menu!

It's an experience to eat here and definatley worth a visit. It has a feel of canteen crossed with a British Tapas as the food comes out when it's ready & not always at the same time.