Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pork for Sale


It has been a long while since last posting on our blog. Christmas is approaching and there's nothing nicer than a good piece of pork with delicious crackling!!

We will have pork available next week (Wed/Thurs). Joints/ Chops and Sausages. If you would like separate sausage meat to stuff your Turkey or Goose we can organise that too!

Please contact me via facebook, emailing at or on 07866412095

Many Thanks


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lamb for sale

Our first crop of lambs are ready! After spending the spring and summer months out at pasture with their mothers they have grown very well and look absolutely tremendous. So it is now coming to that very rewarding moment when we get to taste the fruits of our labours!

This I must say excites the Edge/ Lowe/ Williams family greatly! Last night we sat down to a delicious meal to celebrate Mum and Dad 31st Anniversary - it was ALL home grown and delicious. Our meal consisted of slow roasted shoulder of lamb with garlic, rosemary and beetroot accompanied by new potatoes, cauliflower and mixed broad beans, runner beans and peas. The only thing not home produced was the redcurrant jelly but I'm sure we can rectify that!

This week we have lamb for sale. If you would like to purchase any of our lamb please either contact me on 07866412095 or at to place your order. As with the pork orders over £25.00 can be delivered otherwise collection is from Manor House Farm.


1/2 Lamb                      £75.00...........................

Leg of Lamb
Shoulder of Lamb
12 Chops
3 Leg Chops
1 Lamb Shank
1 Kidney
Approx 1Kg Lamb and Mint Sausages

We also have a range of Pork Joints available but they are frozen. Pork Sausage is now sold out.

On the farm front we have some new arrivals. Mrytle gave birth to a litter pf 14 spotty babies. All doing very well. |In eight weeks we will have weaners for sale.

Boars £45
Gilts £50

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


This is the first newsletter that Mr Willows has sent out to existing and potential new customers!

We keep a closed herd of Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. We breed all our own young stock, which we then go on to fatten for slaughter. Our aim is to provide a local and reliable source of finest quality pork to our customers from our special rare breed pigs.

Our pigs lead stress free lives at Manor House Farm receiving the best care possible. They are virtually part of the family! They have indoor quarters with deep straw beds when the weather is bad, and paddocks to roam on fine, sunny days. The piglets are grown slowly in an outdoor yard with plenty of shelter and straw to root in.

We take our pigs to a local abattoir 25 minutes drive away from the farm. The pigs are loaded and transported quietly in their small social groups. The whole process is calm and quick to minimise stress and produce top quality pork. Gloucester Old Spot meat is sweet, succulent and tender. The crackling is second to none!

By keeping and breeding Gloucester Old Spots we are contributing to protecting and preserving a traditional rare breed. If we don’t use them we will loose them!
We are

* Local and reliable

* High quality

* A taste of tradition – forgotten flavour and succulence

* Totally traceable

If you are looking for something a little different for that special party, Sunday lunch or just wholesome family meals… then we are for you!!!

To order please email or ring Rosie Williams on 07866412095

Current stock is frozen and can be collected or delivered for orders over £25.00. Our next batch will be available in 5-6 weeks. Joints can be cut to size to suit your requirements.

Product                                                   Price/kg

Boned and Rolled Pork Leg                     7.00

Boned and Rolled Pork Shoulder             4.50

Belly Pork Joints                                      5.00

Pork Chops                                             6.50 (Approx 4 large chops)

Perfect Pork Sausages                             6.50 (Approx 18 sausages)

Pork and Tomato Sausages                     6.50

Cracked Black Pepper and Pork             6.50

Half a Pig Please ring to discuss

For those of you with large freezers who require half or whole - come and choose your pig!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Latest Additions at Manor Farm

We had a valentines weekend supprise when Monica gave birth to a litter of 14 perfect piglets!! We were all amazed at the size of her litter, because Gloucester's tend to have much smaller litters. They are all doing nicely and getting stronger. With so many of them feeding time is a bit frantic, I think Monica is going to need plenty of energy to keep up with them. Pictures coming soon. They are all much spottier them Myrtle's litter who are now three weeks old. They are like little bullets tearing around playing with each other - it really is amazing how quick they grow!!

Again for anyone wanting to fatten pigs for the freezer our piglets are all for sale. £55 Gilts £50 Boars at 9 weeks old.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Old Spot News

The eight piglets born two weeks ago are thriving in the nursery with their mother Mrytle. They are enjoying regular feeds and are now running and playing with each other when they are not sleeping under their heat lamp keeping them as warm as toast.

Mrytle in the nursery feeeding eight very lively piglets (2 weeks old)

Mrytle's piglets are growing very rapidly. They now have access to their own mini water trough, and are starting to take their first few tastes of grower pellets (as well as regular milk feeds).

There is soon to be more activity in the labour ward. Today we set Monica up ready for farrowing. She is due tomorrow and looks extremely promising!! Needless to say we are very excitied! The heat lamps are set up in case she farrows when we are not with her to ensure that the piglets are kept warm. This is to ensure the piglets have maximum chance of survival.

Fingers crossed in my next post I shall bring more pictures of our spotty friends!

Some pictures from the spring of the Sheep

One of the Ryland ewes - Rylands are a Rare Breed and we have a small pure bred flock. There meat is very tender and fatter than a commercial lamb. The additional fat gives a great flavour.

One of our girls and her lamb - she is a North Counrtry Mule and the lamb's father was a Texel ram.
Two of last years crop of Lambs


Monday, 31 January 2011

Mr Willows Lamb for Sale

In two weeks time we will have succulent Mr Willows Lamb available for sale. We tend to sell the lamb in halves, however for those of you with large freezers we can supply whole butchered lambs or indeed smaller quantities as well!

So what do you get for half a lamb???

1 x Leg cut into 2 joints
1 x Shoulder cut into 2 joints
13 Chops (approx)
3 Chump chops
1 Kidney
1 Shank
1kg Sausage (approx)

Please contact us for further information if you are interested. Prices to follow.

Beautiful  Roast English Lamb (

New arrivals

On the evening of Thursday 20th January in minus temps Mrytle gave birth to her second litter of piglets! She has eight very healthy well spotted babies. She has had four gilts and four boars all very lively and confident little characters. After an initial shaky start due to temperatures that seemed to plumit the moment she started to farrow (typical) they are all well and settling into life in the nursery.

The piglets are all for sale as Monica is due to farrow on the 7th February - and she is looking extremely promising!

Gilts £55
Boars £50

Ready in 7 weeks (from 17th March 2011)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

PORK and CALVERDOS Casserole

We are now starting to experiment with reciepe ideas for our Gloucester Old Spot pork. Hopefully we will give you inspiration for the bits you wouldn't normal cook and maybe some new ideas for the cuts you already use!

PORK and CALVERDOS Casserole

2lbs diced pork shoulder
6 shallots finely chopped
2 medium white onions
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
Salt and Pepper
4 Apples
White Wine
Chicken stock

Chop the onions, shallots and garlic and cook until soft in a casserole dish/pot (10mins)
Season the flour with salt and pepper and dust the diced pork with the seasoned flour.
Add the pork to the onions etc and brown.
Peel, core and chop the apples into large peices and add to the dish.
Add a pint of stock, a large glass of white wine and a good glug of calvados.

Cover with the lid and cook at 220 degrees for 30 minutes
Then turn the oven down to 150 degrees, cover with a double layer of foil and the lid and cook for a further 2hours.

Chop a good quantity of mushrooms add and cook for a final 30minutes.

Just before serving add a slug of cream

Serve with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Friday, 14 January 2011

New Year Sausage!

Happy New Year to all you 'Mr Willows' fans out there!

You'll be happy to hear that this month is not only the start of a 'new' year but also a NEW batch of Mr Willows sausages. Very exciting we know!!

After having such rave reviews from some of the places we supplied 'The White Lion @ Knighton', we ended up selling our sausages at a record rate and therefore had to turn away some of you lovely people away empty handed.

We are planning on making these variaties of sausages, if you think or would like to recommend any other fab flavors do let us know.

Perfect Pork
Pork Tomato

If you'd like to pre-order any sausages to make sure to get some feel free to email us your order to

They are priced by weight:
£6.50/kg (approx 15 sauages)

Get your orders in quick before we sell out!!

Mr Willows' Pop-up Resturant!?

A craze that has been hitting the London Streets in recent months is the new POP-UP culture. In these recession times it seems that people have been having a go at new avenues and atempting dreams of their own resturants. Welcome to the Pop-up resturant craze!!

Here are a few that are already up and running in the 'big Smoke'

Our 'Never Eat Wobbly Jelly' friend has been to the 'Savoy Truffle Club' and could not rave about it enough!
"Gav and Alison, were wonderful hosts and the food was to die for! The whole experience was so exciting, 2 days before being given an address and then turning up at someones home for dinner with a load of other like-minded people. Fabulous!"

As part of our New Years resolution we are considering having a go at a Mr Willows Pop-up resturant!! What do you all think? You'll get to taste some off our delicious home reared meats used in seasonal reciepes with locally sourced produce to accompany our wares. Then the best part if you like what you try you could always purchase some at the end of the evening (if we have any left that is!?) ;)

Just to give you a rough idea how a pop-up resturant works.
  • You bring your own booze - we can supply glasses and tap water
  • Payment for the meal is made before you arrive.
  • The menu is set before (so know panic of what to choose)
  • Two days before the date of the evening you will be emailed the address and directions of how to get to us.
  • You'll sit in our home with other people and chat lots! 
It's a cross between a resturant / a friends dinner party / and mayhem (airing more towards mayhem!)
So if you think this is something you'd be interested in - Do let us know by either commenting on this post or emailing us at