Tuesday, 14 June 2011


This is the first newsletter that Mr Willows has sent out to existing and potential new customers!

We keep a closed herd of Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. We breed all our own young stock, which we then go on to fatten for slaughter. Our aim is to provide a local and reliable source of finest quality pork to our customers from our special rare breed pigs.

Our pigs lead stress free lives at Manor House Farm receiving the best care possible. They are virtually part of the family! They have indoor quarters with deep straw beds when the weather is bad, and paddocks to roam on fine, sunny days. The piglets are grown slowly in an outdoor yard with plenty of shelter and straw to root in.

We take our pigs to a local abattoir 25 minutes drive away from the farm. The pigs are loaded and transported quietly in their small social groups. The whole process is calm and quick to minimise stress and produce top quality pork. Gloucester Old Spot meat is sweet, succulent and tender. The crackling is second to none!

By keeping and breeding Gloucester Old Spots we are contributing to protecting and preserving a traditional rare breed. If we don’t use them we will loose them!
We are

* Local and reliable

* High quality

* A taste of tradition – forgotten flavour and succulence

* Totally traceable

If you are looking for something a little different for that special party, Sunday lunch or just wholesome family meals… then we are for you!!!

To order please email mrwillowsfarm@yahoo.co.uk or ring Rosie Williams on 07866412095

Current stock is frozen and can be collected or delivered for orders over £25.00. Our next batch will be available in 5-6 weeks. Joints can be cut to size to suit your requirements.

Product                                                   Price/kg

Boned and Rolled Pork Leg                     7.00

Boned and Rolled Pork Shoulder             4.50

Belly Pork Joints                                      5.00

Pork Chops                                             6.50 (Approx 4 large chops)

Perfect Pork Sausages                             6.50 (Approx 18 sausages)

Pork and Tomato Sausages                     6.50

Cracked Black Pepper and Pork             6.50

Half a Pig Please ring to discuss

For those of you with large freezers who require half or whole - come and choose your pig!