Monday, 31 January 2011

Mr Willows Lamb for Sale

In two weeks time we will have succulent Mr Willows Lamb available for sale. We tend to sell the lamb in halves, however for those of you with large freezers we can supply whole butchered lambs or indeed smaller quantities as well!

So what do you get for half a lamb???

1 x Leg cut into 2 joints
1 x Shoulder cut into 2 joints
13 Chops (approx)
3 Chump chops
1 Kidney
1 Shank
1kg Sausage (approx)

Please contact us for further information if you are interested. Prices to follow.

Beautiful  Roast English Lamb (

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  1. I love lamb, it's so tasty especially with mint jelly - Mr Willows, do you know any good recipes for Mint Jelly? I know how to make mint sauce, but really want to have a go at mint jelly as it's my favorite!