Sunday, 6 February 2011

Old Spot News

The eight piglets born two weeks ago are thriving in the nursery with their mother Mrytle. They are enjoying regular feeds and are now running and playing with each other when they are not sleeping under their heat lamp keeping them as warm as toast.

Mrytle in the nursery feeeding eight very lively piglets (2 weeks old)

Mrytle's piglets are growing very rapidly. They now have access to their own mini water trough, and are starting to take their first few tastes of grower pellets (as well as regular milk feeds).

There is soon to be more activity in the labour ward. Today we set Monica up ready for farrowing. She is due tomorrow and looks extremely promising!! Needless to say we are very excitied! The heat lamps are set up in case she farrows when we are not with her to ensure that the piglets are kept warm. This is to ensure the piglets have maximum chance of survival.

Fingers crossed in my next post I shall bring more pictures of our spotty friends!

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